Weber 1520 Propane Gas Go-Anywhere Grill Review

Weber was not kidding when they titled this grill as Go-Anywhere. The Weber 1520 Propane Go-Anywhere Gas Grill is a very lightweight and portable grill—and quite possibly one of the smallest gas grills available.

Don’t the small size fool you, as the Go-Anywhere sports many of the features of larger stationary grills. Unlike other ultra-portable table top grills, the built in electric ignition system makes it easy to start the grill. Even more surprising is the amount of grilling space that is available considering the compact size, there is a generous 160 square-inches of grilling space—enough handle cooking enough food for several people. The Go-Anywhere also features Weber’s proprietary Flavorizer flame guards which replaces the need for those heat resistant lava rocks to prevent flare-ups

Weighing in at approximately 14.5 pounds, portability is what makes the Go-Anywhere very attractive for tailgating, camping, beach parties, or anywhere that would need a lightweight and portable grill. When you are not using the grill, the legs pivot to become a carrying handle for easy one-handed handling.

If you are looking for a massive grill to keep in the backyard, then the Go-Anywhere might not be for you. However, if you frequently tailgate, camp, or need a grill that can travel with you almost anywhere, then the Weber 1520 Propane Go-Anywhere Gas Grill is a solid contender to consider.

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